Editor, Daily Nexus,

Instead of punishing 100 percent of the Isla Vista community for the crimes of which we commit only 20 percent, why doesn’t Brooks Firestone focus on excluding the out-of-towners that compose the other 80 percent from our festivities? Every time I passed a paddy-wagon that weekend, I saw nothing but lines of douche-bag guys in no costume with their hands behind their backs and their asses on the curb. Unlike female out-of-towners who only commit minor offenses from my experiences, the guys steal, start fights, bring weapons to parties, commit sexual assault and generally just fuck it up for the rest of us who want to have a good time. As a community, why not send a loud and clear message to the male out-of-towners who are not in costume: Fuck off and stay home. If you’re too cool to dress up on Halloween, you’re not good enough to party here. The girls benefit because of the reduced number of sketchy guys playing one-sided games of grab-ass and the guys benefit because, well, when has too many girls ever been a bad thing in Isla Vista? Everybody wins.