Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am responding to spurious accusations and deliberate misstatements about Brooks Firestone, myself and Isla Vista activists in general (“The Reader’s Voice: Firestone Makes Bad Choice Within Board,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 3).

I.V. has unique problems and there are committed people, such as myself, who spend time and energy to make life better here. My membership on the I.V. Project Area Committee of the Santa Barbara County Redevelopment Agency can in no way be construed as a conflict with my being a member of the board of the I.V. Recreation and Park District. Would membership in Associated Students disqualify one from the Park Board? Of course not. As one of five directors of the IVRPD, all of whose voices and energies are valuable, we can work together to improve life in I.V.

One point is absolutely correct: Minority voices are important. I think so; Brooks Firestone thinks so also. I have confidence in his choosing the most qualified candidate for the IVRPD Board.