Editor, Daily Nexus,

Proposition 86 is a $2.60 tax per cigarette pack increase. It funds health care and anti-tobacco programs. Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds are currently accusing the initiative of having an anti-trust exemption for hospitals. However, with the passage of Prop 86, hospitals can share specialist doctors with neighboring hospitals in an event of an emergency. Prop 86 also contains a section where the Bureau of State Audits and the Dept. of Health Services verify the proper allocation of funds to prevent this.

Pro-health organizations are the ones who are trying to help the communities provide a healthier workforce rather than providing a substance that everyone knows can kill you. Big Tobacco lied to the U.S. Congress by saying nicotine is not addictive and now they are lying to local communities throughout California with their ads made by their media specialists who are paid to distort the facts regarding this proposition. On Nov. 7, make an educated decision and help the effort for the greater good. Join health organizations like the American Cancer Association, American Heart Association and American Lung Association. Support Proposition 86.