While neither candidate proved they knew very much at all about Isla Vista or its law enforcement problems, the Daily Nexus feels Bill Brown is the best choice for Santa Barbara County. It is true that Bill Brown is a Santa Barbara outsider, but his experience in various communities ranging from Lompoc and Inglewood in California to Moscow, Idah – the latter of which also had oversight to the University of Idaho – leads us to believe that Brown can quickly adapt to his surroundings.

The Daily Nexus also appreciates Bill Brown’s strong belief in community policing, in which officers will work with local residents to solve any manner of Santa Barbara County problems including gang violence and methamphetamine use. In contrast, the Nexus did not feel Sheriff Jim Anderson’s idea of using a police liaison in I.V. would increase communication between residents and police officers.

Unlike Anderson, who would commit a costly $153 million to the North County Jail Project as the solution to the overcrowded county jail, Brown is considering less expensive structures as well as savvy ways to deal with the problem in the mean time.

Brown is much more progressive than his opponent and seems to have better communication skills than Anderson, who has reportedly alienated many of his staff members. While it is true that Brown once lost many unhappy officers in Lompoc to resignations, he was able to regain a staff by reestablishing a dialogue and correcting his mistakes.

As we’ve already said, we disliked both candidates’ lack of knowledge or apparent concern for I.V.’s needs, but despite endorsing him, we still find one more unsettling thing about Brown: His backhanded comments about I.V. Foot Patrol station commander Lt. Sol Linver. He hasn’t mentioned Linver by name, but he has repeatedly insinuated that, depending on how things go, there might need to be a switch in leadership in our town. We have never had an issue with Linver, who has been approachable and accommodating to any problem we might have had, and if Brown spent more time in I.V. he might know that.

Bill Brown, we know how much our endorsement means to you, so please come through for us. If you win this election and do nothing for Isla Vista during your term, you will not receive the same results next time.

The Daily Nexus strongly endorses Bill Brown for Sheriff-Coroner.