Halloween doesn’t officially begin until 12 a.m. Tuesday, but this fact did not scare away the roughly 15,000 revelers who flocked to Del Playa Drive Friday and Saturday for tricks and treats.

On Friday night, 141 people were arrested and 120 were cited mostly for alcohol-related incidents. Saturday night saw a slightly higher number of arrests as officers sent more than 150 people to jail and issued 170 citations.

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. Public Information Officer Erik Raney said Halloween weekend, so far as law enforcement is concerned, was deemed successful. While there were no major incidents, Raney said, on Friday two peace officers were attacked in unrelated incidents on Friday, but neither deputy sustained injuries.

Meanwhile, Senior Deputy Mark Williams of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol said police detained a few subjects for gang-related activity.

Raney said the Goleta and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospitals admitted over 40 people for alcohol-related injuries including alcohol poisoning – 15 people on Friday night and 25 people on Saturday.

Williams said this year was not as busy as last year, despite the high number of arrests.

“I thought the crowd was fairly well controlled, but there were arrests for fighting in public,” Williams said.

As for the DP bluffs, only one individual was recorded as having jumped off the edge to the beach below. The man landed without injury and ran away.

Williams said fewer officers will be on duty tonight than on Friday and Saturday, but an increased number will patrol the streets tomorrow night.

“I think people will roll in for Tuesday night,” he said.

In addition to the arrests in I.V., DUI saturation patrols set up around the town made an additional 5 arrests and issued 33 citations, Raney said.