Was “damental” a serious character before someone but the “fun” in him? What about that staid mistress “draising?”
And as for unanswerable questions, where’d the viewing of “Borat” go?
I pitched a tent to wait in line until someone told me, three hours later, “Dude, it’s cancelled.” Well thank you very much for not telling me sooner, douchebag.
To make up for the lack of humorous scenes about Central Eurasians, the ‘human reenacted the jokes in the previews over and over again, to the jovial scoffs of passersby who responded with “Anchor Man” and “Family Guy” quotes. True original kings of comedy. Unfortunately, some punk said “Ba-leted,” and no one laughed. He back-pedaled, screamed “What?! Yea! Okay!” and we promptly donkey-punched him.

Friday’s Forecast: A.S. Program Board takes the blame for increased violence in I.V. and the ‘human takes over as leader of “Alternative Social Programming.” Unfortunately, the alternative is more drinking.