Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am disappointed with the portrayal of the Office of Student Life/Lies as impartial administrators of the law in the article (“Food Law Ties Yoga Club in a Knot,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 13, 2006). The OSL recently threatened the UCSB Bhakti Yoga Club with police intervention for serving sanctified food to our members. We have been safely serving our members food each week for over a decade here at UCSB.

In 1999, our club was told by OSL that if we wanted to serve our members food, we would need to use UCen Catering services. Bhakti Yoga prevailed and we have been meeting twice a week ever since. The OSL now states that their office considers our club a business rather than a nonprofit club or charity, so we must stop our weekly lunchtime gatherings on campus. This is an unfair burden on our club and an inaccurate representation. Accordingly, our club has not met on campus since June 2006.