Life is really hard when you are a Bay Area sports fan. One minute, you are riding high with the off-chance that your team may make it to the World Series, and the next, you are crashing hard because the ‘Niners just ate it – again. Luckily, we are the best fans in all of sports because, when we come off the high – which we always do – there is always someone there to offer a beer.

The wounds are still fresh from the A’s losing in just four games to the Tigers in the American League Championship Series last weekend. It hurt even more because it was a surprise that they even made it out of the AL Division Series for the first time in a more than a decade. And now, with Manager Ken Macha being canned, things could go even further downhill, depending on what Mr. Beane can find for us.

On the bright side, even making it past the first round was a huge surprise, but any sports fan would hope that the championship series would go past four games, it was the ALCS for crying out loud. Hey, it could be worse, at least we have each other.

When I was at Game 2 of the ALDS in Oakland on Wednesday, I really realized how fly Bay Area fans are. Before we had even got to the Coliseum, at least five people had offered their support, commenting on our green and gold wear. The atmosphere inside the parking lot and inside the Coliseum was unparalleled – everyone was tailgating like nobody’s business, and if fans’ passion had anything do with the way the A’s played, we would be going to the World Series next week.

Then there’s Oakland’s football “team,” the Raiders, who called attention to their failings by losing 13-3 to Denver in prime time on Sunday Night Football. At 0-5, the poor silver and black boys are literally the worst team in football. Next week’s game should be really good – Arizona vs. Raiders – and by good, I mean entertaining because they both stink. They were good once, and perhaps the #1 draft pick they will receive in 2007 will help them win a game or two next season.

Regardless of how much the team sucks, there are no fans more unified and frightening than the Raider Nation. You really have to admire their perseverance. It takes a lot to suit up like they do for games which their team has no chance of winning.

I guess I can’t really talk shit about the Raiders, seeing as my 49ers stunk up the Bay a lot more than Oakland this weekend, allowing LT and the Chargers to score on them more times than I did on my editor’s mother. Sunday’s 48-19 defeat is typical of the ‘Niners, who, like the Raiders, have not had a winning record since 2002. At my house, we have found that the ‘Niner games actually make for a fantastic drinking game when you drink every time they do something wrong – for example, when they fail to get the first down, a turnover and all the penalties will get you very drunk.

Giants fans are quite possibly the most bitter of the bunch, since they still complain about their World Series loss to the Angels. Hey, at least you guys went to the World Series this century, and there is no prettier place to be bitter than AT&T Park. So, you might as well lock it up and enjoy it.

I’m not even going to touch the Warriors because, well, they’re the Warriors and we all know how much they suck. Yet, similar to the Black Hole, you know you are a true fan when you stick with Golden State year after year, all five of you.

Our sports teams might always disappoint, but the Bay Area is home to the best fans around. Just think, it could be worse – we could be Royals fans.

Daily Nexus AP Editor Anna Oleson-Wheeler’s life could be worse – Sports Editor Monique Moyal’s mother could make a drinking game out of all the times that Anna has tried to hook up with her.