The Associated Students Legislative Council kicked off the 2006-07 school year by approving a plethora of committee appointments and passing a resolution that had been tabled since last school year.

The resolution supports the large-scale immigration protests that occurred in April. The council also passed a bill to restructure the A.S. liaison to the Greek community and tabled a bill supporting the tenants who were recently evicted from the Cedarwood Apartments in Isla Vista.

In addition, the council went into a closed session to discuss the tentative student services fee initiative.

The initiative, which is still in creation, will come up for a vote during a special election this fall. The lock-in fee increase, which will be approximately $50 to $75, will be allocated among several student services on campus, including A.S.

A.S. President Jared Goldschen briefly addressed the council to express his opinion about the initiative.

“The biggest thing I will be working on this quarter is the student initiative,” Goldschen said. “[It will] increase, improve and revitalize student services across the university. It’s going to be my passion this quarter and I hope that it will become yours.”

Later in the meeting, the board approved a resolution in support of students who would be affected by a previously proposed United States immigration bill. The resolution was first presented to the council during Spring Quarter 2006, but was tabled so the authors could rewrite the language, as the original document had been taken from a Cal State Northridge resolution.

On-Campus Representative Scarlet Chan said the resolution redirects attention to campus minority groups.

“We wrote this back in Spring Quarter,” Chan said. “I think we should focus on the minority of [the campus community] because even though they are small, they still have a voice.”

After brief discussion, the resolution was passed with consent.

The council also unanimously approved a bill to restructure how the A.S Liaison to the Greek community functions.

Currently, one Greek liaison represents both sororities and fraternities during interactions between A.S. and the Greek community. The bill, however, calls for two students to be appointed by the A.S. president to fulfill the liaison position – one female for sorority relations and one male to maintain relations with fraternities.

According to the A.S. Legal Code, all bills must be tabled for a week before they are passed. However, the council voted to suspend the rules yesterday so it could appoint third-year political science and history double major Alex Van Wagner as one of the two liaisons.

Additionally, council members tabled a bill supporting the recently evicted tenants from the Cedarwood Apartments. The bill calls for A.S. to boycott Conquest Student Housing, which the document claims is the owner.

The owner of Cedarwood Apartments – 6626 Picasso, LLC – bought the property in August. While a paper trail has not been established, the tenants and their supporters believe the limited liability company is merely a front for Conquest.

The resolution also requests Chancellor Henry T. Yang contact the Santa Barbara District Attorney to impose an injunction.