The Isla Vista Foot Patrol cited or arrested more than 100 people this weekend for various violations, and responded to two cases of assault, one of which landed a man in the hospital.

Over 50 people were cited on Friday and 57 were cited on Saturday. On Friday, a student was admitted to the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital with lacerations to his face requiring stitches after getting in a fight on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive. Santa Barbara County Sgt. Craig Bonner said the IVFP is still investigating the assault and has made no arrests in the case.

Officers arrived at the scene of the fight at 10:23 p.m., but by then the suspects had already fled the scene, Bonner said.

However, the IVFP did make an arrest for an unrelated assault early Saturday morning on the 6600 block of DP, three houses from the location of the first incident. At 1:11 a.m., Bonner said, officers responded to a report that two men, including 21-year-old Cory Ethridge, were arguing in a front yard.

Ethridge allegedly hit the other man over the head with a glass bottle when he refused to leave the property, Bonner said.

Bonner said the resident sustained moderate injuries as a result of the assault and the suspects fled the scene.

At 1:35 a.m., the IVFP was responding to a third fight on the 6600 block of DP when they found Ethridge and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon.

“Upon arriving, Isla Vista Foot Patrol officers saw two subjects that appeared to have been involved in an altercation; the other half of the altercation had left the area immediately prior to our arrival,” Bonner said.

Officers soon discovered that the two subjects were actually the same two suspects involved in the assault 20 minutes earlier at 6652 Del Playa Dr., Bonner said.

The other suspect, whose name has yet to be released, attempted to flee but the IVFP caught him after a short foot chase, Bonner said. The man was not arrested.

Ethridge was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail on a $30,000 bail.