Isla Vista resident and Santa Barbara City College student Jason Sprunk is currently behind bars after he allegedly attacked and hospitalized a UC Los Angeles student on Sunday.

Amir Razi is still in the hospital, four days after Sprunk allegedly kicked and beat the 22-year-old man, leaving him unconscious and bleeding on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive. IVFP Senior Deputy Mark Williams said Razi is in serious condition, and could incur brain damage.

On Sept. 24 at 12:19 a.m., officers found Razi lying on the ground as a crowd gathered around him. According to the police report, the victim was unconscious and bleeding profusely from his left ear.

At one point the victim began to choke, causing officers to roll him onto his side. Once on his side, Razi regurgitated blood and vomit.

Razi was transported to the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in serious condition.

The police report stated that Sprunk and Razi were arguing when the suspect hit Razi in the face several times, knocking him to the ground. In a statement, witness Pirouz Bozorguia said Sprunk incited his friend, Razi, into an argument, and the situation quickly escalated.

“[Sprunk] kicked him three or four times in the face and then when [Razi] fell down, he kicked him in the stomach with his legs,” Bozorguia said.

Another witness said Razi and his friend were standing in front of an I.V. residence when Sprunk walked by, wearing boxers and a necktie, and said, “Are you calling me gay?”

According to the witness, Sprunk told Razi to move from where he was standing. After Razi refused, the subject pushed him and began hitting him with closed fists several times in the chest and head.

Sprunk fled the scene, running westbound on Del Playa Drive with another man. Sgt. Erik Raney, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Dept. public information officer, said Sprunk turned himself in the morning after the attack. He said the man was arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail, and he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault with serious bodily injury.