Editor, Daily Nexus,

Appreciate America? (“Please, Love America!” Daily Nexus, Sept. 21) Do I appreciate a country that inculcates in my mind that Paris Hilton is more relevant to my life than Hermann Hesse? A country that spoils me by supplying me with an endless amount of fashion tips, vulgar music, video games and new features on my cell phone, while expecting me to keep up with my studies? I know America symbolizes freedom and democracy, but that simply is not what I see around me.

I see teenagers going out and partying all night drinking and engaging in promiscuous activities while adults just dismiss it as our nature. I see girls focused on how to look and stay beautiful from reading fashion tips from magazines rather than educating themselves with a good book, boys indulging in violent movies, adopting their style of dress and argot from their favorite rappers, who in turn imitate gangsters and criminals. I see a society that values the latest celebrity gossip, how small their cell phones are, what color miniskirt they should wear on Friday night; a society who has even gone so low as to laugh at others’ failures and humiliation on reality television shows; a populace that is generally ignorant and uneducated.

This is the America I know. It is in no way a land of opportunity or freedom, but a brothel of adulteration and materialism. The way they condition our growing generation into loving the media is no different from the human factories from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Luckily I have the choice to live somewhere else. I’ll leave the whole changing America thing up to people who actually care.