The Isla Vista music scene is like a werewolf: It only comes out at night and when it does it is prepared to lose all control. Top on the list of music venues is Giovanni’s pizzeria at 6583 Pardall Rd. Giovanni’s often gets hotter than an extra-large pepperoni pizza, alluring music lovers three nights a week. The ferocity begins Wednesday nights with performances by up-and-coming hip-hop groups [[couldn’t find]], and continues Thursdays with the heated Open-Mic Night, which features everything from slam poetry to local bands. Fridays are reserved for all kinds of mayhem, as bands from every genre from metal to reggae take the stage.

The more mysterious show spaces are perfect for intrepid music lovers willing to venture off Pardall Road and deeper into the sinister streets of I.V. Located at 6612 Sueno Rd., the Biko House is open to thrill seekers and music lovers of all types. Just follow the pulsating music to find yourself in the garage of this local boho-chic landmark. The Biko House has hosted everything from new-wave jazz to emotive hard core in the past and you never know who you will find performing here in the future.

Just one block away, at 6668 Pasado Rd. Unit B, is the Pink Mailbox – a residence and music venue that appeals to the independent and alternative crowd. Get ready to get intimate here – the space is small and only open to people willing to respect it and their fellow concert-goers. On some nights at the Pink Mailbox, you can even come hungry – the house is infamous for its vegan potlucks.

If you find yourself still hungry for good music, creep into Goleta – which is just a bike ride away from I.V. – and visit the Hard to Find Showspace at 7190 Hollister Ave. This venue is one of the best places to find local indie bands and if you bring a canned food item, you get one dollar off the cost of the event. Best of all, my pretties, the shows at all these venues are either free or under $5 and open to all ages.

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