The 2005-06 Associated Students Legislative Council shed a few tears at yesterday’s meeting as its members bid their final farewells.

Before swearing in next year’s council members, the Leggies bundled and approved presidential appointments for the rest of the quarter, A.S. entity funding rollover requests and three honoraria requests. Council members also debated using $200.48 from the Leg Council budget to pay for council member T-shirts.

Off-campus Rep Ryann Gastwirth said the council should use money from the Leggies’ account because the shirts provide publicity for A.S.

“The shirts aren’t just a fashion statement; it’s visibility for students,” she said.

Council members had already each paid $10 for the shirt, Rep-at-Large Romy Frazier said, but the total cost of the shirts ended up being $200.48 more than expected. Because of this, Frazier motioned to use $200.48 from the Leg Council fund.

Before handing the reigns over to next year’s council, 2005-06 council members concluded their term by commenting on their experience in A.S and thanking A.S executives, staff and other council members for their efforts this year.

Internal Vice President Adam Graff, who has been a member of A.S since his freshman year, said council members play an integral role in catalyzing change at the university.

“This place has the power to change,” Graff said. “I’m talking about all of us here. … Students are the greatest power at the university.”

Rep-at-Large Christina Leets said she enjoyed watching other council members change through the course of the year.

“I think the most amazing thing about this organization is watching each other grow,” Leets said. “I have never ever worked with so much passion.”

Some council members, like Rep-at-Large Raymond Meza, offered new council members advice for the coming year.

“It is a short amount of time that goes by in a flash,” Meza said. “You have the opportunity to really change things if you wish.”

Afterward, the 2006-07 A.S president, vice presidents and council members were sworn in.

Before the new council held a brief meeting, 2006-07 President Jared Goldschen greeted the council by expressing his excitement for the new term.

“I’m really excited about moving forward with this group,” Goldschen said. “We are going to move far as an organization. … I hope that as the year moves on, we really start building relationships.”