“No More Tears Sister” describes the life and painful death of human rights activist Dr. Rajani Thiranagama in war torn Sri Lanka. Through conversations with family members, letters and dramatizations, director Helene Klodawsky takes her audience back to the 1970s and [980s, when revolution and mortality were on everyone’s mind. After the official end of colonization in 1948, the government passed a law infringing on the rights of the miniscule Tamil population. Medically trained, Thiranagama aids the guerrillas in their efforts and eventually becomes a member of the revolutionary group. As time progresses and her values stray from those of the group, Thiranagama leaves the guerrillas and embarks on a mission for human rights. However, on September 21, 1989, Dr. Rajani Thiranagama’s life was tragically cut short when she was assassinated en route to work.

A veteran of documentary filmmaking, Klodawsky offers her viewers a glimpse of a land that does not receive much mass media attention in the sphere of international politics. The purpose of the documentary is not to create public outrage, but to educate and tell the story of the life and dedication of one who sought to improve the lives of many. Klodawsky succeeds in capturing the tense mood and troubling times that marked this period of Sri Lankan history. Interviews with close relatives allow for the audience to connect on a personal level with Thiranagama. Hearing firsthand accounts from former guerillas also help the viewers to really understand the dilemma faced by the nation. “No More Tears Sister” is a haunting film that will definitely leave the viewers wondering about the future of this tiny country and remembering the hard work of one fallen activist.