This year’s annual Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) Fight Night ring girls – the highlight of the event for some spectators – are getting a new look designed to please not only the authorities, but the fans as well.

Like last year, 24 ring girls will present each round and dance at the boxing event. This year, however, they originate from six sororities instead of seven. The ring girls will be dressed in mini boxing shorts and coordinated bikini-like tops of various color combinations that will not specifically represent their sororities.

Ring Girls Coordinator Clayton Kirchhoff, a fourth-year business economics major and PIKE member, said the focus was shifted to improve “greek unity.” Despite the uniform change, Kirchhoff said he thinks this year’s event will be just as entertaining.

“I think we have a really good group of girls,” Kirchhoff said. “They’re not just pretty, but [they’re] also smart. They’re picked by their peers.”

Meaghan Mihalic, a third-year environmental studies major and Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority ring girl, said she liked the idea of having an overall uniform theme, rather than making different costumes for each sorority.

“It’s probably a good idea,” Mihalic said. “It takes the focus off the individual sorority house and puts it on the event.”

Kirchhoff said PIKE is providing a Hummer H2 limousine to transport the girls, who will also receive gifts from the fraternity.

Keira Fitzgibbon, a second-year global studies major and Alpha Phi ring girl, said she likes the changes made to the uniforms. Last year, each sorority had a theme to its costumes, including a construction worker theme and a gypsy theme.

“The outfits are an improvement, although last year we were allowed more creativity,” Fitzgibbon said.

Stephan Franklin, director of Greek Affairs, said the guidelines for the ring girls’ attire are the same as last year, but he declined to comment on the dancing restrictions.

Heather Shaw, a first-year dramatic arts major and Alpha Phi ring girl, said she does not yet know how the changes will affect Fight Night.

“We’ll know after the event if it went better or worse,” Shaw said.

Larissa Keiser, a third-year global studies major and Alpha Chi Omega Sorority ring girl, is the only ring girl who also participated in last year’s Fight Night. She said she had fun last year and plans to do the same this year.

“Last [year’s Fight Night] was fun and well put-together,” Keiser said. “This year, I’m expecting the same thing.”

Julia Fuchs, a Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority ring girl, said there would not be a fight between two female boxers this year, as there was last year.

“It was really ballsy of them,” Fuchs said. “They should do it again. I think girls should start boxing each other.”

Fitzgibbon said she agrees that women, like men, should be in the ring.

“It’s a good idea,” Fitzgibbon said. “Boxing is such a male-dominated sport.”