Swimmers from Devereux Santa Barbara plan to make a splash at Campus Pool this Sunday, as they join the UCSB Swim Team for the fourth annual Splash Olympics.

Members of the UCSB swim team are partnering with swimmers from Devereux Santa Barbara – a nonprofit organization that provides services for people with emotional, developmental and educational disorders – for the swim meet. The event, which takes place at 11 a.m. Sunday, is free to the public and features relay swimming competitions, free bagels and a live band. The main competitive event is a three-meter diving and splashing contest, which will be judged by deejays from KTYD 99.9 FM.

Stacy Carr, director of recreation and athletics at Devereux, said she thinks the swim meet will be exciting for both the participants and spectators. She said competitions at the event will feature participants from both the UCSB and Devereux swim teams.

“The event will start with all the athletes’ names being announced and that will be followed by three or four relays with both teams mixed together,” Carr said.

Janice Johnson, Devereux manager of external affairs, said she thinks the event will be entertaining because it combines live entertainment with a swim meet.

“There’s good food and good entertainment,” Johnson said. “There will be a band, and just an all around fun atmosphere with lots of splashing and cannon balls and even some harrowing belly flops.”

Johnson said she believes the event provides an opportunity for the UCSB swim team and the Devereux swimmers to bond.

“The whole experience of training and being a part of something is really the idea behind this event,” Johnson said. “We get the UCSB team involved in the community and we get the swimmers from Devereux into a fun atmosphere where they can shine.”

The two teams have collaborated for the swim meet since 2002. As in previous years, Johnson said she is looking forward to a large turnout.

“We expect [to have] around a hundred people coming out to support these kids. We welcome everyone,” Johnson said.

Carr said the athletes from Devereux have been practicing hard for the meet and she thinks they will do well during the competitions.

“For the last month our swimmers have been going to UCSB to train and practice their strokes for this meet and all the others they participate in,” Carr said. “It’s nice because our athletes get a chance to make friends with someone in the community who can really help them.”