While we have a number of concerns about Bill Shiebler’s ethical standards – his actions in the past have shown them to be quite low – his lobbying skills and extensive experience with A.S., the University of California Student Association and the United States Student Association are undeniable. Shiebler, having served as EVPSA for a portion of this year, already possesses an impressive understanding of the issues that affect students at a statewide level. UCSB students need an EVPSA who can fight for them. Shiebler’s assertive personality and commitment to lowering student fees and increasing financial aid make us confident he can hold his own when going head-to-head with the UC Regents.

Naz Hassanzadeh-Kiabi presented some very creative methods for finding alternative sources of funding for student lobbying. However, her lack of experience and timid demeanor makes us question her ability to aggressively lobby at the state and national levels. While we feel Hassanzadeh-Kiabi would be a useful resource to A.S.’s student lobby efforts, we feel those resources would be better managed by someone who knows the territory better.

– The Nexus endorses Bill Shiebler for A.S. external vice president of statewide affairs.