You might recognize Jared Goldschen’s face from the back of a bathroom door in a university-owned residence hall. If not, chances are you’ve seen him somewhere else. He is involved in almost everything at UCSB, from administrative committees to athletic events to his two years of experience as RHA president.

Goldschen’s charisma and his ability to delegate authority make him the perfect candidate for a public position like A.S. president. He understands the student body and recognizes the importance of diversity, and his dedication to the residence halls shows us he is willing to work hard for his free tuition. His desire to bring back UCSB pride and deliver tangible results to students demonstrates that he has a realistic vision for how to improve the university during his time as president. Goldschen recognizes the problem of voter apathy and, fittingly, his number one strength is getting people involved.

Jake Lehman impressed us with his ideas for bringing the community together and his desire to organize public events, but he lacks the understanding of the bureaucratic process needed to head A.S. We all like to chill out in Isla Vista, but frankly, Lehman’s focus on off-campus matters seems more suited to the position of External V.P. of Local Affairs.

Romy Lea Frazier has a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of A.S., but she does not seem to have the vision or the strong personality necessary to really propel the organization in the right direction. Her platform was vague, and she lacked a real plan for connecting with students and becoming the strong public figure that is such a crucial part of the president’s role.

– The Nexus strongly endorses Jared Goldschen for A.S. president.