Students and staff have a greater selection of food this month as two new eateries open on campus.

The Courtyard Cafe, located under Parking Structure 10, opens this Monday and will share a space with the Rice Garden, which opened yesterday. The cafe faces Kohn Hall and is behind the Engineering II Building, and will sell burgers, sandwiches, salmon and Japanese food. The Rice Garden specializes in Asian cuisine.

According to the University Center 2004-2005 Annual Report, the Courtyard Cafe is 5,000 square feet and is the first cafe on the east side of campus.

Director of UCen Dining Services Sue Hawkins said the cafe opens this week with limited services, but will run Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., starting April 10.

Courtyard Cafe manager Robbie Yankow said the cafe has a coffee bar and sells paninis, chicken, fries, onion rings and soy drinks. He said prices range from $0.99 for a bag of chips to about $7 for a sandwich.

“We have crepes, too,” Yankow said. “They are sweet and savory crepes.”

Yankow also said he was pleased with the Courtyard Cafe’s location.

“If you sit outside, there’s a spot where you can see the ocean,” Yankow said.

Cafe employee and first-year global studies major Yasamin Salari said she thinks the service is fast and efficient.

“It has everything from coffee and pastries to assorted sandwiches and salads all made to order,” Salari said. “It’s very clean and new.”

Salari said employee training began Monday and continues throughout this week.

As for the Rice Garden, Hawkins said it is an Asian quick-service dining unit similar to Panda Express. She said plans to build the Rice Garden began four years ago.

According to the Service, Unity, Responsibility and Fun 2005 Report – created for employees in the UCen – the cafe was originally scheduled to open in January.