Editor, Daily Nexus,

I completely agreed with Camerin Smith’s article “Phelps Dishonors Soldiers by Protesting Funerals” (Daily Nexus, March 8), right up until he said “I urge reasonable politicians, left or right, to propose legislation that would restrict demonstrating outside military funerals.”

Hello? First Amendment, anyone? If Smith doesn’t agree with what someone is saying, then should they only express themselves in a way he approves of? Passing laws that try to limit our freedom of speech will not make our country a better place. While I don’t agree with Phelps’ opinion, I fully support his right to voice it. Turn the tables around. How would you feel if people who find gay rallies obscene tried to get legislation passed that would keep homosexuals from expressing themselves? If everyone tried to keep people from discussing things that they disagree with, America would eventually become a place where no one can say anything.