Editor, Daily Nexus,

First, let me applaud the fact that the UCPD is considering requiring bicyclists to have reflectors and lamps on their bikes. I am always surprised at the number of students who ride around in Isla Vista without any such devices and are almost invisible to both cars and other bicyclists, especially on streets where street lamps are not working. However, issuing students tickets than cost more than $120 is not the answer.

The answer is in the article (“Police To Light Up Nighttime Bike Safety,” Daily Nexus, Feb.14), where UCPD Lt. Cathy Farley states that the cost of bike lights range from $10 to $20. What the UCPD should do is whenever they see someone riding their bike without lights they should issue them a ticket that costs at most $20 and inform them of that California Vehicle Code that prohibits such actions. Once the student pays this ticket, then they should be required to come to the UCPD or IVFP offices and pick up both a rear and front reflector lights and lamps. For a lot of students, especially freshmen, this is their first time using a bicycle as a form of transportation to and from school so they may not know. Education and a more proactive form of action are necessary to help alleviate this problem.