Campus mail services will resume at full capacity today, a week after the tragic shooting at the Goleta mail sorting facility halted regular production.

Because of the police investigation at the facility, UCen Post Office supervisor Brad Mascolo said, mail did not reach the UCen Post Office or UCSB Mail Services for two days after last Monday’s incident, though some packages and express mail did arrive on Friday and Saturday. However, with employees returning to the Goleta facility, sorting and sending has come back online.

UCSB Mail Services provides service for all campus mail, including the Francisco Torres Residence Hall. The UCen Post Office handles mail for on-campus residents.

Dan Manfredonia, manager of Mail Services in central and receiving, said some workers from the Goleta station returned to the facility Friday, where counselors were available for those who needed them. While the Goleta employees were out, Mail Services picked up, deposited and processed outgoing mail in the Oxnard mail sorting facility.

Manfredonia said all of the mail that was not delivered last week will come in today.

“We’re expecting a lot of mail,” Manfredonia said.

The UCen Post Office typically receives about 200 customers per day. Manfredonia said some students were confused as to where their mail was at first, but were not upset once the situation was explained.

UCen Post Office employee Nicolas Mu