The Associated Students Finance Board distributed the remainder of its general funds for Winter Quarter last night while allocating $1,000 to the same United States Student Association (USSA) event that received $6,873 at last week’s Legislative Council meeting.

The board voted to allocate $1,000 dollars yesterday for the upcoming USSA Legislative Conference at the behest of Bill Shiebler, the state affairs organizing director representing the office of A.S. External Vice President for Statewide Affairs. Finance Board members also allocated a total of $1,131.75 to four on-campus events and then divested $1,000 from its Spring Quarter budget into this quarter’s funding.

In his request, Shiebler said he wanted whatever funds the board could provide for the leadership conference, scheduled for March 4-7 in Washington, D.C.

University-Owned Housing Rep. Felix Hu said he thought Finance Board should allocate as much to the trip as possible.

“They are lobbying our congressmen and senators to ensure funding for higher education,” Hu said.

The Board approved the $1,000 request, but stipulated that the money be used specifically for conference registration purposes, with 12 members voting in favor and three abstentions.

Shiebler said his office also received $6,873 at last Wednesday’s A.S. Leg Council meeting in order to take A.S. members to the conference. He said the additional $1,000 USSA received this week would allow students outside of A.S. to attend the meeting in Washington D.C.

“The reason we came to Finance Board was that we wanted to take people outside of A.S. to the conference,” Shiebler said. “The [External Vice President of Statewide Affairs’] office did not have any more money in its budget for the event.”

Shiebler said he thinks the conference is important because it is one of the few events where students can perfect their lobbying techniques, meet with congressmen and exchange ideas with other student councils from around the nation.

The allocation of Finance Board’s remaining funds for Winter Quarter aroused debate among board members.

Committee on Committees Co-Coordinator Samantha Nevels told the board she needed $500 to fund recruitment of committee members for Spring Quarter.

“For the past two years this committee has been defunct,” Nevels said. “Half the committees aren’t full or aren’t functioning.”

Board member Maressa Mendeola said she thought the board should consider funding part of the Committee on Committees request at a later date.

“I think it’s important to consider groups that might need funds this quarter, since [the recruiting period] isn’t until next quarter,” Mendeola said.

The Board unanimously voted to allocate $300 to the Committee on Committees.

The board also funded several on-campus entertainment events.

Sigma Chi Omega received $631.75 for its Multi-Cultural Show at Campbell Hall on March 4. Efrain Michel, a member of the fraternity, said the event has been very successful in years past.

“It’s a really big event,” Michel said. “Last year, we exceeded capacity at Campbell Hall.”

Two dances also received $100 in funding each, despite objections from Nevels.

“I feel, given the amount of money we have left, we should not fund either of the two dances,” Nevels said.

Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Alpha Psi’s combined event, the Krimson and Kream Ball, is scheduled for Feb. 25 at 7:30-10:30 p.m. at Corwin Pavilion. The Phi Alpha Delta Love Fest is set for Feb. 10.

After the board exhausted its Winter Quarter funds, members considered transferring funds from the Spring Quarter budget into the Winter Quarter budget. Finance Board Chair Aseye Allah said she urged caution.

“I don’t think we should be funding people willy-nilly, just because we can.” Allah said.

After considering the issue, the board unanimously consented to make $1,000 of Spring Quarter funds available immediately.