From now until Feb. 3, members of the La Cumbre staff hope to tempt seniors into their yearbook with one of three Apple iPod nanos.

Photographers from Lauren Studios will take seniors’ portraits on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until next Friday, at a booth located beneath Storke Tower. Those who have their portraits taken are automatically entered to win an iPod nano, while all students who purchase a yearbook are entered in a separate iPod drawing. Seniors can also enter into an additional iPod nano drawing by having their photograph taken and buying a yearbook.

La Cumbre Editor in Chief Julie Sullivan said no student will be charged for having his or her portrait taken. However, students can purchase 5×8 photo packages, as well as wallet-sized photographs of the La Cumbre portraits from Lauren Studios via mail or on the company’s website.

Sullivan said she hopes the iPod drawings will act as a much-needed incentive, as the publication has experienced a lack of upperclassmen participation in the last few years.

“Our goal is to get 1,000 senior portraits, but right now we only have 350,” Sullivan said. “We are trying to incorporate as many seniors as possible to document their year.”

Besides offering prizes, this year’s La Cumbre has made a few changes to its format, such as listing each student’s name and major beneath his or her portrait. The staff has also cut 100 pages from the book in an effort to make the publication more concise, while still featuring numerous clubs and events.

“We are covering a wide variety of events on campus,” Sullivan said. “We are not focusing on the overall feel of the campus but on actual events, documenting who is in each photo and who put on the event.”

Sullivan said this year’s edition will try to blend coverage of national events – such as Hurricane Katrina, World AIDS Day and warfare in Sudan – and their effect on the campus, and will include greater detail on specific events at UCSB.

“This year’s philosophy is to revitalize the yearbook and make it more journalistic,” Sullivan said.

The staff revamped the greek section of the yearbook, highlighting each organization’s unique philanthropy, Rush Week and the all-sorority volleyball tournament. The book will also contain profiles on individual seniors and their college experiences.

The 2006 La Cumbre yearbook is currently available for sale to all students for $96. Seniors who take their portraits can buy the book at the discounted price of $86. Sullivan said students can purchase a yearbook throughout the school year by filling out an order form from La Cumbre.