Students interested in becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) have one last opportunity to apply for the positions this evening.

The final RA information session will be held tonight in the Santa Rosa Formal Lounge from 9 to 10 p.m. RA Application Committee Chair Abby Nelson said attendance is mandatory for all RA hopefuls, and applicants must bring their student ID card to the meeting.

“Anyone even remotely interested in becoming an RA should attend this session to ensure that they can get some basic information, have their questions answered and receive the web address of the application,” Nelson said.

The application process spans two months and consists of three separate evaluations, Nelson said. The initial evaluation requires each applicant to submit an online application with at least two references. Once the applications are submitted, the Office of Residential Life eliminates candidates who do not meet some of the job requirements, including those who are not full-time UC students or who do not possess the requisite minimum 2.0 GPA.

Afterwards, resident directors holds group interviews for the remaining students and continue to narrow the applicant pool. The final choices are made during a third stage wherein the applicants are interviewed individually by a member of Housing & Residential Services.

Zekee Silos, a second-year global studies major and San Nicolas Residence Hall RA, said he learned new job skills throughout the application process.

“The application process was really intense, but it was extremely helpful in the sense that it has prepared me for future job interviews and applications,” Silos said.

Close to 70 positions are available for first-time applicants. Nelson said most applicants are first-year students, but upperclassmen are encouraged to apply as well. She said upperclassmen are usually better RAs because they have more experience to share with their residents, although students may not serve as RAs for more than two years.

“We want a population of RAs who are as diverse as our student body,” Nelson said. “There is no need to be an extrovert. We want anyone and everyone to apply.”

RAs are expected to be on-call for emergencies one night a week and to coordinate hall programming for their residents. They are also required to serve four hours per week as front desk attendants for their respective residence halls.

Silos said RAs provide support and direction for their residents.

“I use the nights that I’m on duty to wander the building and get to know all of the residents,” Silos said. “It’s a nice way to see the students who start out really shy and timid coming out of their shells and becoming a part of the residence hall community.”