Editor, Daily Nexus,

Like many other students this weekend, I attended the men’s soccer game on Saturday and saw our Gauchos beat San Diego State 2-0. As the last few seconds ticked down, I saw the excitement in the Gaucho Locos’ eyes. I felt like I was in the middle of a big college basketball upset or watching a last-second field goal because the crowd was so pumped.

When the clock finally hit zero, I saw the fans storm the field in jubilation. This is where I have a problem. As the excited fans stormed the field, campus event security -our fellow students – started tackling other students. Maybe they didn’t know what took place during the game, or the magnitude of such a victory, because they were kicking students out of the game for “inappropriate” cheers.

We won the biggest game of the season so far: a NCAA tournament game, as in the playoffs, as in only 48 teams in the whole nation make the tournament. And now, because of the win, we get to play our rival, and Big West Conference champion, Cal State Northridge.

So, maybe to campus event security, it wasn’t that big of a deal and you were told to tackle people who ran on the field, but this was not any ordinary game – it was a game that kept the defending national finalists alive in the hunt for a championship.

This was a huge win for both the soccer team and for UCSB. To forbid the students from crashing the field in excitement because of a big win is ridiculous. Some of our tuition goes to sports, so we deserve the chance to storm the field, to share in our players’ excitement and to congratulate them without being tackled. Even if it is your “job” to tackle students who run onto the field after the biggest win of the year, get a life. Realize what happened, and more importantly, be excited, too – we get a crack at Northridge on Tuesday. Shit, if I were you, I would have been storming, too.