To all of you self-righteous, politically-correct moralists, I have a message from the general American population, and it goes like this: Lighten up assholes!

My apologies for using a harsh term like “asshole” to describe people with a PC point of view, but the reality is that as human beings, we all are capable of being assholes. The only difference between the average Jane/Joe Asshole is that they’re just not as annoying as the PC ones.

In case it hasn’t been mentioned before, I’m Cuban and grew up in Miami, Fla., home to the biggest Cuban population other than Cuba itself. And in case you don’t know, Cubans are the Heinz 57 of the Caribbean. My family background includes people of Spanish, Moroccan, Basque, African and Ciboney (native Cuban Indian) descent. All of these come compliments of Spanish Conquistadors, European expansion and the African slave trade.

But back to Miami. There are so many Cubans there that the Florida Marlins are considering changing their name to the Miami Cubans.

Actually, they aren’t really considering changing the team’s name. But if they did, there would be a plethora of Cubans – myself included, even though I’m not much of a baseball fan, sorry mom – who would be nothing less than thrilled by such an honor.

A team that I cheer for on college football Saturdays is the Florida State University Seminoles because they’re fellow Floridians. Florida’s native Seminole community is proud of the fact that FSU’s team is called the Seminoles.

Enter the NCAA and their PC mentality. The reigning body in amateur collegiate sports has put the FSU Seminoles on the “hostile and abusive list” because of their use of said name.

Never mind the fact that the Seminole Tribal Council unanimously voted in favor of FSU using their tribal name and have been outspoken supporters of FSU’s name choice. Apparently, the NCAA believes they know more than the tribal elders when it comes to matters of pride.

To the NCAA, it is abusive and offensive to use the name of a Native American tribe, even a tribe that encourages the use of its name. But it is perfectly fine to use European names such as the Fighting Irish because we all know that all Irish are boozing and brawling leprechauns.

I wouldn’t be surprised if using animal names (bruins, bears, ducks, longhorns, cougars, etc.) becomes a point of discontent with the NCAA folks. It’s only a matter of time.

The PC name game doesn’t stop with sports teams. In a local example several years ago, in the city 10 miles south of us known as Santa Barbara, Indio Muerto Street was the source of a big “to-do.”

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