Editor, Daily Nexus,

Every single girl I have talked to about sex has admitted it to me. Some of you clueless boys out there might be surprised. Even the shyest of girls masturbate. Sorority girls masturbate. Your mom masturbates, your T.A. masturbates, the girl sitting in front of you masturbates … Do I need to go on? True, girls probably don’t do it as often as guys and definitely wont talk about it, but they do it. Obviously some girls, such as myself, might do it more often and be more comfortable talking about it than most. I imagine there are girls reading this and looking at their little girlfriends saying, “I don’t masturbate, do you?!?!” Said girlfriends (in unison): “Oh no, definitely not, that’s just gross! This chick is full of shit.” But you all know, deep down, that you do. Have no shame, admit you like to get your freak on when you’re all alone. I have to say, sometimes I feel like a pussy (no pun intended) for having to use a vibrator … I have great admiration for girls who can get off without any store-bought stimulation. That being said, I hope to see you all in the Adult Store!