The Associated Students Legislative Council held its last on-campus meeting of the quarter yesterday, voting to cancel its upcoming Nov. 23 meeting.

The council cancelled the meeting because members expected a low attendance, said Internal Vice President Adam Graff. However, Graff said the Leggies will hold a vote via e-mail to approve minutes from A.S. board and committee meetings on Nov. 22. The council will hold one last Fall Quarter meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area when it visits the UC Berkeley campus to attend the UC Regents meeting.

Rep-at-Large Romy Frazier said she opposed the council’s decision to cancel the Nov. 23 meeting because it limits the number of opportunities students have to come and speak at Leg Council meetings.

“I wanted [the meeting] just in case people needed to discuss public forum issues and make announcements,” Frazier said. “It’s also one of the only times we all get together to do [representative] reports.”

However, On-Campus Rep. Sam Marks said the council’s decision was reasonable because the Nov. 23 meeting precedes Thanksgiving weekend.

“I approve of it,” Marks said. “It’s a hectic time for people. A lot of people aren’t available and there is not a lot of new business to discuss.”

The council also discussed travel plans for the group’s upcoming field trip to the UC Regents meeting at UC Berkeley on Nov. 16. In all, about 110 A.S. board and committee members, Leg Council members and other UCSB students will attend the Regents meeting.

Graff said A.S. members and fellow UCSB students plan to leave on buses at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning and hope to arrive at the UC campus between 7 and 8 a.m. in order to attend the public portions of the UC Regents meeting.

Leg Council will hold one of its meetings while visiting the Berkeley campus, Graff said.

Student Government Advisor Aaron Jones said A.S. members have booked accommodations at the Woodfin Suites in Emeryville. He said students will take public transportation from the hotel to the UC Berkeley campus.

Graff said the A.S. members will depart from UC Berkeley to return to UCSB on Thursday at 11 p.m. He said he is excited to attend the UC Regents meeting and hopes that UCSB students’ presence will influence the UC Regents.

“I hope we have the opportunity to speak during the public comment period,” Graff said. “I think it says something when you have an entire Associated Students Leg Council present at the meeting.”