I am so excited for Halloween. When I was a wee lass, Halloween was always the ultimate holiday. Sure, Thanksgiving was all about turkey, with Christmas came gifts, and New Year’s was always the holiday where I could sneak a rogue glass of champagne. But Halloween? Not only did it entail extravagant dress-up games, but it also included running around late into the night and getting free candy. It was so easy it wasn’t even fair.

So, naturally, I was ecstatic to come to UCSB and participate in the nearly week-long festivities of October 31st. Although I was a bit reluctant to exchange my candy corn for Natty Light, the promise of multiple costumes was just too much to resist; my chonies were wet enough already.

In Isla Vista, we have mini-Halloweens all the time. Who doesn’t have a box of costumes lying around the house filled with residual pimp hats and leg warmers set aside for those illustrious themed parties this town always seems to harbor? Usually, themed parties are a little more outrageous than the usual keg-and-DJ shindig, partly because it’s hard to look bad when everyone looks ridiculous, and when no one feels like they look bad, everyone has a grand old time. Halloween is like this, only with way more cleavage, and no one gets turned away at the door.

However, Halloween is about much more than feeling great and looking ridiculously good. Not only do you get to look the part of an innocent little Pocahontas, it’s also the chance for a certain someone to test his acting abilities as the