Representatives from local law enforcement agencies and the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) are coming together to make it easier for local groups to get the thumbs up for events in I.V. parks.

People who want to put on large events in parks in I.V. will soon have to submit an application to what is tentatively being called the “I.V. Community Event Commission,” Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) Lt. Sol Linver said. The entire commission — which will include representatives from the IVRPD, IVFP, University Police Dept. (UCPD), Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. and California Highway Patrol — will then review the application at once and approve or reject the proposed event. Linver said the commission, which functions as a subcommittee of the I.V. Safety Committee, is still in the planning stage but will begin operating very soon.

Currently, anyone coordinating a major event in I.V. must gain separate approvals from a variety of different agencies, Linver said.

“There are so many events that occur in I.V.,” Linver said. “A lot of times they have to go to IVRPD, and check with me, and check with UCPD and the fire department, and if it’s a large event, the California Highway Patrol. The design here is that it would almost be like a one-stop.”

Linver said the commission will likely meet and review applications — in which applicants will outline the purpose and logistics of their proposed event — on a monthly basis. He said people will have to submit their applications early, but he said the new process should ultimately save time for both event coordinators and the members of the commission.

“It would make the process a lot easier for everyone to get those events to go through,” Linver said. “I remember last year some poor organizers had to run to [the IVRPD] and come talk to me, and they would forget something and have to run back and forth, and now we can all just do it all at once. It will make the process for people a lot quicker and we can get questions and answers a lot quicker. It will probably save time.”

Third-year law & society major Matt Rousso is the former president of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, which coordinates the annual All Sorority Volleyball Tournament, a charity event held in Greek Park. He said he thinks the new commission will help his fraternity communicate better with the different agencies that must approve plans for this year’s event.

“I think that would definitely help out,” Rousso said. “I think if they’re all on the same page, less can go wrong. I only see it helping.”

Rousso said the greek community has been informed of Linver’s desire to streamline the event approval process.

“I know for sure the Interfraternity Council chair has spoken with the IVFP,” Rousso said. “They’re making good steps and I think it’s going to get better.”

IVRPD General Manager Derek Johnson said the commission is still in its infancy, and many of the details about how the commission will work and who exactly will sit on it from each agency have not been finalized. Johnson said he does not think the new commission will make it harder to get events approved, and event coordinators must still obtain alcohol permits from the IVRPD and pay park-use fees to the district.

“I don’t think it’s going to be much of a change,” Johnson said. “For the big events, like [the All Sorority Volleyball Tournament], that’s where we’ll bring something to this group to coordinate all the safety issues.”