Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing this in response to your editorial titled “Misappropriating Our Will” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 6). You state, falsely, that A.S. neglected to consult with other campuses about the implications of this measure. In fact, dialogue on this issue has been taking place between us and other UC student associations, which are planning to take similar stances in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, your editorial demonstrates a bewilderingly minimal understanding about the way A.S. funds are allocated. You tell us to keep our hands off “our” (who you referred to by “we” is unclear) money, as it was meant for Extravaganza; however, Program Board, which annually puts on Extravaganza, is funded by a quarterly lock-in fee of $5.50, which is entirely separate from the rest of the A.S. budget. This claim was especially unsettling given the statement by EVPSA Felicia Cruz, which appeared on the very page opposite your editorial, saying that “the expenses from legal aid would come from the A.S. executive officers budget or possibly Business Services.”

As I previously stated, the spring elections are Associated Students’ way of ensuring that the interests of the undergraduate student population at UCSB are represented as best as possible. As a result of these elections, several officials, staff and other affiliates of A.S. have said this year’s legislative council is the most ideologically diverse they have seen.

Proposition 76 is written in such a way that its heavy-handed cuts to education – which will affect every single student on this campus, during this school year and years to come – will not be easily perceived by those reading it casually; we, the representatives of the Legislative Council, did our homework on it, and decided to oppose it. This is exactly what we were elected to do.

Is our endeavor against Proposition 76 partisan? Definitely. A.S. has decided that this is not a time for neutrality, and we are taking the side of the students in accordance with the A.S. legal code, which says that it is our duty to “promote the welfare and interests of the Members of the Associated Students,” that is, UCSB’s undergraduate population. I realize that you are not in any way accountable to our student body, but nonetheless I plead with you to do the same.