THURSDAY SEPT. 29: Today marks the second day of an on-campus exhibit titled, “The Black Panthers 1968.” Taking place at the University Art Museum, the photo essay by Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones showcases a documentary-like look at the controversial party’s rise to notoriety in Northern California. The portraits paint a decidedly different picture from those presented by the media, and do an amazing job at re-examining an important piece of American history.

FRIDAY SEPT. 30: Magic Lantern Films is back in action, presenting the Santa Barbara premiere of “Rize” tonight at 7:30. The documentary, written and directed by acclaimed photographer Dave LaChapelle, follows the South Central crunk movement. Chock-full of block-rockin’ beats, “Rize” combines music video goodness and Jazzercise intensity for what promises to be an enjoyable evening.

SATURDAY OCT. 1: Industrial rock legends Nine Inch Nails ring in October with some guitar smashing and vocal straining tonight at 7 at the Hollywood Bowl. The band is currently embarking on a nationwide tour with buddies Queens of the Stone Age in support of their album With Teeth. Ticket prices range from an affordable $35 to a whopping $95. Get ’em while they’re hot.

SUNDAY OCT. 2: If you’re looking for a casual midday pastime or a quiet evening of entertainment, the Ensemble Theatre will be putting on not one, but two, performances of the English comedy, “Humble Boy,” today. The shows, which take place at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m., revolve around the life of a young British physicist struggling with the demands of family life. Tickets range from $27 to $37 and student discounts are available. More information can be found by calling (805) 962-8606.

MONDAY OCT. 3: Do you like teenage angst, drama and unintelligible language deciphered via subtitles? If so, head on over to Campbell Hall tonight at 7:30 for a screening of Lucrecia Martel’s “The Holy Girl.” The film centers on the story of two adolescent girls exploring sexuality and religion in Argentina. Admission is only $5 for UCSB students.

TUESDAY OCT. 4: Does Santa Barbara living have you dragging your feet already? Head on down south and catch M.I.A. at the Henry Fonda Theatre tonight. With an eclectic blend of hip hop, electronica and heavy bass lines, this show will have you alive and kickin’ in no time. Tickets are $20 in advance and doors open at 8 p.m.

WEDNESDAY OCT. 5: Tonight finds Artsweek heading south of the county line yet again to check out ambience virtuosos Sigur R