Here is a brief preview of what to expect of the selected films for the Reel Loud Film Festival. It is quite the eclectic group of stories, actors and ideas. When you have an open call for all aspiring filmmakers you should be prepared to receive such different replies, so here is just a taste in order to whet you appetite, enjoy!
“The Key” – A tale of your typical Isla Vistian who happens upon an object capable of unlocking the pit of all man’s fears and the summit of all his knowledge.
“Changing Hope” – A black and white story of a wholesome girl who goes on a picnic with a neighborhood boy, not knowing what lays in store for her.
“Into the Breach” – Normandy, France, June 6th, 1944. Follow soldiers of the 101st Airborne on their deadly mission against Nazi terror.
“The Pink” – A small beach community slowly goes mad, as all of their clothing eerily turns pink.
“Soundtrack” – Four friends, one party, wrong house. Find out if there is a happy ending to this all-too-familiar story.
“Simulacrum” – What do you do with a robot of yourself? Try to stop it at all costs!
“Coming Up Next” – View the world through the eyes of a lonely, daydreaming security guard.
“Kissing You” – A mother and boyfriend reflect on the tragedy of their respective daughter and his girlfriend.
“Fear of a Radioactive Homeland” – Follow Jimmy Carter as he fights low riders in this film compiled entirely of stock footage.
“Syndrome” – A veteran deals with the lasting effects of war in this powerful statement of a movie.
“Best Served Cold” – Find out what happens to a little boy who doesn’t listen to directions in this animated short.
“Slingman Slaughter” – After a failed treatment turns a man into a monster he goes after his hippie friends in this gore fest.
“The Ultimate Gauntlet” – Ninjas. That’s all that needs to be said.