A technical workers’ union informed University of California officials Tuesday that it plans to strike next week, according to a University press release.

The strike, currently scheduled for May 26, would be part of the ongoing bargaining process for a new labor contract between the University Professional and Technical Employees Union (UPTE) and the UC. The union represents UC staff research associates, clinical and electronic technicians, student affairs officers, analysts and computer programmers. For the past three months, UPTE has rejected UC suggestions to seek a neutral state mediator to help facilitate negotiations and has yet to submit a response or counter offer to the revised economic proposal made by the University on April 27.

“It is very troubling that the union would attempt to strike while rejecting every good-faith attempt the University has made to seek mediation to resolve the remaining issues,” said Howard Pripas, UC director of labor relations, in the release.

In response to the proposed strike, UC campuses and medical centers will be taking the needed measures to prevent a disruption in normal operations, according to the statement. The University will consider filing a grievance with the California Public Employee Relations Board against UPTE and possible disciplinary action against employees who participate in the strike.

According to the press release, UPTE has made numerous allegations of bad-faith bargaining against the UC.