Kevin Barger didn’t mind that his opponent had him by 3 inches and 47 pounds. In fact, he embraced the disadvantage.

In the main event at Pi Kappa Alpha’s Fight Night, Barger wore down challenger Nick Orloff of Kelseyville, Calif., quickly with a barrage of counter punches and timely combination attacks. By the end of the second round, Orloff, who predicted earlier in the week a knockout victory for him in the first round, had endured enough, surrendering the technical knockout to Barger.

“All my sparring partners back home are pretty big, so I felt like I was in pretty good shape,” Barger said. “I actually prefer fighting a bigger guy that can hit harder. Someone who’s faster than me is more of an issue.”

The precursor to the main event was the spectacle created by Armand Lozano. After defeating Eliot Seymour on a decision, Lozano addressed Seymour’s following in the ringside seating.

“Don’t none of his homeboys wanna get in the ring with me,” Lozano said after some verbal sparring with the crowd. “That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the problem I got – I’m ready for another fight.”

In the night’s lone heavyweight bout, Peter Aguilar and Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Jason Lebowitz gave the Thunderdome crowd the most punch-packed fight of the night until Aguilar lost his balance in the third and final round, falling to the ground and injuring his left knee. Aguilar, who seemed to hold the upper hand in the fight, was forced to retire the match.

In what was dubbed the “Ladies’ Match,” Tanya Erazo defeated Debbie Scott via decision after three rounds of busy boxing. Erazo, a third-year law and society major, came out with quick fists, connecting several times before Scott found any rhythm.

Despite her victory, Erazo was critical of her performance.

“I wanted to knock that bitch down,” Erazo said. “But unfortunately, I didn’t have the power behind me. Maybe next time.” Standing at a height of 5’7″, 130-pounder Brendan Lynch matched 5’10”, 145-pounder Roberto Mora blow for blow, systematically working Mora’s abdominal region while clinging to an eager defense. The fight was called a draw, but Lynch came away all smiles.

“I think I could have done better, but I felt all right,” Lynch said. “I wanted to stick to inside fighting the whole time.”

Other winners of the night were Pete Forthun of Glendora, Calif., who defeated UCSB’s Sean Crampton on a decision, and Celso Ribera of Primo Boxing, who recorded a TKO victory over Jason Braun of Moorpark, Calif.