Editor, Daily Nexus,

In his column, “40 oz. to Freedom: Too Late Chancellor,” (Daily Nexus, April 29) Sean Swaby disregards and mocks the letter sent by Vice Chancellor Michael Young to UCSB students prior to their 21st birthday. We found his column self-indulgent, as he was mocking people who were sincerely concerned about his, and all students’, safety. Swaby apparently has some misconceptions about the UCSB Division of Student Affairs – that it is out to stop alcohol use and “fun” in our community.

However, in our experience with these individuals and with the Division of Student Affairs in general, we have found they are concerned more with helping to enrich the experiences and future of students. The letter that was sent out was genuine; if Swaby had read the letter carefully, he would notice the letter never says “don’t drink,” rather it says “drink responsibly.” We feel that Swaby’s column was a slap in the face to all of the administrators and students who work within the Division of Student Affairs, especially after all its hard work to create a healthy and conducive learning environment. It is truly a sad day when students become so self-absorbed they cannot appreciate what is done on their behalf for their future.