What can be said of the new Mariah Carey album The Emancipation of Mimi? Nothing positive. All of Carey’s albums have become progressively more horrible than each previous one. Sure, there might be one or two good songs that are either catchy or genuinely good; however, her recent albums have all failed to capture that same level of excellence that she once was able to exhibit.

The first track on the CD, “It’s Like That,” offers some hope for the rest of the album, but doesn’t do much beyond that. The rest of the tracks seem like they’ve all been done before and feels as though Carey just spit out whatever was mainstream. There’s nothing very unique about the entire album. Other artists in the industry have sung similar songs, but the difference is that they have done it better.

This album includes many collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Nelly that may help album sales, but the lyrics of the songs themselves do not contribute to the overall album. There doesn’t seem to be a stylistic balance between the kinds of songs she sings on the album. If you hear one, it’s a safe bet to say that you’ve heard them all. They all have the same content and same tempo.

Carey still offers a lot with her vocal range, which makes her extremely unique to the music industry. However, I was disappointed by the fact that she didn’t explore her abilities further in certain songs over others.

Overall, this album wasn’t as good as one would hope. Carey’s albums in the early ’90s were, by far, much better. If you like a few songs off this album, don’t waste your money. Download it.
[Amita Chollate better watch her back… Mariah wants blood!