Ever thought about seducing some blue turtles? Well, the South Lake Tahoe-based band, Blue Turtle Seduction certainly has. When I first heard a band with this name was playing at my house, I was a little skeptical as to how entertaining they could actually be. Doubt was soon shed.

On Friday night, Blue Turtle Seduction performed at 6742 Del Playa Dr. on the eve of the Earth Day celebration held at Anisq’ Oyo’ Park in Isla Vista. Blue Turtle Seduction has been described as having a “high-altitude bohemian tribal funk grass” sound. The eclectic mix of violin, mandolin, harmonica, guitar, bass, drums and even pan flute (a 10-inch Peruvian flute) gives them a sound quality that is highly unique.

Christian Zupanic, the lead mandolin player/violinist, is one of a kind. His hands fly across the fingerboard on both of his instruments, the likes of which I have rarely witnessed in my lifetime. Though the vocals do come up a bit short at certain points, the band makes up for it with its supremely skilled instrumentation. The unique blue-grass/hoedown funky sound drew even the most reserved of us out to the middle of the dance floor. The energy level was awe-inspiring. I think the lot of us agree that Blue Turtle Seduction is welcome back to Isla Vista anytime.