Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am sure everyone has had this feeling: You are driving home late from the library or your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s place. You are looking to fall comfortably onto your bed and knock out. There’s just one problem when you get to your home: a never-ending stockade of cars all around it. They are on every nook and cranny of every sidewalk. I don’t wonder why so many people are here in this town, but why are so many people unable to park?

My biggest peeve about parking in I.V. is those people who park their Jetta in a spot fit for a truck and trailer. Do they not realize that they can make room for another person to park there? These people have no sense of consideration. Why are those people being selfish when they are prone to the same predicament that all I.V. residents are in? I personally try to use every space efficiently because I want someone to be able to find a spot as easily as I did. Some people have 6-foot gaps between their car and others’ just for the sake of “being safe from hits.” Add up the big spaces between cars and you would find enough space for another two spots! Damn! So next time you park your car, make sure you leave room for someone else, because odds are, I left you a spot first!