In theory, the A.S. Student Lobby initiative is a great idea. You know, giving students a voice and all that jazz. In reality, however, the group does not have enough power to make a significant difference on the state level, and definitely not enough power to warrant all students paying an extra 69 cents per quarter.

Despite Student Lobby’s honest efforts to prevent student fees from rising again, our fees have skyrocketed 46 percent in the last three years. Anyone who feels so passionately about lobbying in Sacramento can find a way to do it without thousands more dollars from the students. Having us pay a higher fee for A.S. Student Lobby to try to lower our fees seems a tad counterproductive.

If Student Lobby really wants to be effective, it would focus its efforts on local issues. The “Fall Defensive” was a good start, but it petered out very quickly. Focusing on local issues will cost Student Lobby less money and provide more benefit to students in the long run, in addition to ensuring the causes that Student Lobby pursues are more in line with the desires of the student population as a whole.

The Nexus opposes the A.S. Student Lobby initiative.

We’re down with the environment, and we’re down with the Environmental Affairs Board (EAB), but a whole additional $1 per student per quarter? That’s a hell of a lot, especially since EAB has managed to do so much this year with the 25 cents per student per quarter they already get. EAB’s efficiency in these times of budget crisis is commendable, but it’s also a necessity. Perhaps we’d go for a lower fee increase next quarter, but right now, EAB has not shown it needs an extra $40,000 next year. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

The Nexus opposes the Environmental Affairs Board initiative.