Adam Graff once wrote an opinion column claiming the “honeymoon” between him and the Nexus was over. Oh Adam, we never stopped loving you. You’re even cuter when you’re mad.

Passionate, articulate and with a knowledge of A.S. and campus issues that blows every other candidate for every other office out of the water, Graff embodies every quality a student politician should. With a tremendous amount of experience in A.S. under his belt, Graff acknowledges the existence of problems with party politics in the internal structure of A.S. that often threaten student government’s integrity in the eyes of other students. He seems ready to tackle those problems with the eagerness of a boy opening presents Christmas morning.

Graff has effected significant, tangible change throughout his stint on Leg Council. When the A.S. base fee initiative failed, Graff lost little time before leading the way in finding creative, alternative means of raising funds, such as the eco-friendly ReaderCorps Program. Graff’s solid grasp of the A.S. Legal Code and parliamentary procedure, and his enthusiasm to serve – exceeded only by his competence – make him the best thing to happen to A.S. in a very long time.

The Nexus strongly endorses Adam Graff for internal vice president.