And then there were… none.

The Nexus editorial board did not reach a consensus on its endorsement for A.S. president.

Though Bill Shiebler brings his valuable experience as A.S. Finance Board chair and a good deal of competence to the table, we could not get past the fact that his agenda includes two major proposals we are quick to strongly oppose: a queer general education requirement and a Finance Board lock-in fee. His genuine desire to make positive changes on campus could be an asset, but unless he resolves to take the opinions of his vast constituency – the students of UCSB – into consideration, we don’t want him using the presidency as a way to carry out his personal objectives.

Chaz Whatley, on the other hand, has the potential for widespread appeal that Shiebler lacks. She scores high on charisma and accessibility – traits that are vital to a successful president – but doesn’t necessarily have the detailed game plan to assure us we’re putting our trust in the right hands.

And then there’s Torrin Brooks – the independent candidate who had the chance to transcend party lines and lead A.S. on a single, united front… and, well, blew it. Driven only by an intense distaste of A.S.’s current administration, Brooks’ complete lack of knowledge of A.S., its inner workings and what being president even means makes his campaign a waste of time. His participation in the race shows that any semi-organized student can get into A.S. politics, but also that just any student shouldn’t.

The Nexus issues no endorsement for A.S. president.