Professor May Face University Sanctions
UCLA Daily Bruin
March 14, 2005

UCLA’s associate vice provost for diversity may face sanctions from the University of California for allegedly having a relationship with a student.

Adolfo Bermeo, who is also the director of UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program, may face written censure, reduction in salary, demotion, suspension, denial or curtailment of emeritus status or dismissal from the university. Bermeo reportedly apologized for his actions in his Chinana/o studies class, but the university would not discuss whether it was investigating Bermeo, or what, if any, action it would take against him.

The UC Board of Regents policy regulating faculty conduct prohibits faculty from having “a romantic or sexual relationship with any student for whom a faculty member has, or should reasonably expect to have in the future, academic responsibility (instructional, evaluative, or supervisory).” The ban includes consensual relationships.

In a recent e-mail, UCLA spokesman Lawrence Lokman was quoted as saying someone recently informed the university of misconduct by an employee. Lokman said UCLA immediately began reviewing the situation and takes any breach of policy seriously. He also said the university does not intend to comment until the inquiry is complete.

Bermeo is regarded as a well-respected member of the campus community, and in 1998 received the Chancellor’s Fair and Open Academic Environment Award.

Graduate Student, 25, Remembered
UC Berkeley Daily Californian
March 28, 2005

Friends and family gathered at UC Berkeley’s International House on March 19 to remember UC Berkeley international student Jie Wang, who died earlier this month after spending more than two weeks in a coma.

Wang, a grad student in chemistry, fell into a coma after a Feb. 23 car collision with a man fleeing Albany police. He died March 10 at age 25 after his parents decided to remove him from life support. Wang was driving through the intersection of San Pablo and Ashby avenues when the driver of another car – Adam Jones, 29, of Albany – ran a red light and collided with him, Albany police spokesperson Judy Lieberman said in a statement. Jones was suspected of being involved in a drug deal prior to the chase, police said.

Wang came to UC Berkeley in 2002 and was planning to return to China after graduation to continue his research. He had wanted to study in Berkeley since he was a child, Wang’s mother Bao Zhen Zhang said.

Jones has been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office also charged him with two counts of causing serious bodily injury or death while attempting to evade a police officer.