Editor’s Note: Thank you for catching this. We printed the column under the assumption that the person who submitted it was a UCSB student. The Nexus regrets this error.

Editor, Daily Nexus,

I read the article titled “The Death of Interaction” by Conor Boyland (Daily Nexus, Feb. 25). Great article! In fact — and I write this in my best imitation of David Spade’s “Spade in America” skit on SNL — I really liked this article… the first time I read it, when it was called “Confessions of an Instant Messenger” in The Boston Globe (Feb. 11, available online).

I especially liked “Conor Boyland is a sophomore mechanical engineering major” at the end of the article. Well, I don’t know if he’s in mechanical engineering or not but, yeah, apparently he is a sophomore… at Northeastern University in Boston, according to the Globe! And they might know, since they state “(c) Copyright 2005 Globe Newspaper Company” with Boyland’s article.

Maybe it’s your policy to publish opinion articles from anyone in the country. OK, fine. But don’t you think you should at least state they’re not from UCSB? And how about adding this: “This article was previously published in The Boston Globe and is used with its permission.” I assume you had permission, right?

Frankly, when I read the Opinion page of the Nexus, I’d rather read articles by UCSB students with UCSB perspectives. I doubt I’m the only one.