A popular question on this campus is “How did G.W. Bush get elected?” People claim it’s a travesty that he was re-elected last fall. A better question though would be “How did the Students’ Party get elected?” There is just no good answer to this question. I wonder if our students will make another mistake and re-elect them this spring. I am writing again to warn everyone of the Students’ Party and provide them an alternative — Torrin Brooks for A.S. president.

After reading the senseless dribble in Felicia Cruz’s letter last Friday (“Come Join a Party That Will Change UCSB’s Future,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 18), I had to go public again. For those of you who do not know, Felicia is a vice president of A.S., though her letter on Friday could have been written by anyone with a basic knowledge of the English language. Her letter was nothing more than shameless propaganda trying to persuade readers to join her party. The sad thing is, it did not even mention real accomplishments. The only thing I could tell is that Students’ Party has been in office for a year, and they sent some people to the capital. They have had few real accomplishments. While the executives of this party claim to have high hopes, they do little to make these a reality.

The fact is the problems Felicia mentioned are here, and many of them started under the watch of her party. I personally would have liked to see more done when there was a simple solution, instead of letting the problems grow and get out of hand. She thinks there are no easy answers. I say she’s not looking hard enough. As a representative for the campus, you should be doing the work that needs to be done, even if it’s work nobody else on campus wants to do. We are paying for your tuition; do something for us. If elected A.S. president, my loyal band of miscreants and I will do the work the general public doesn’t want to. We will make this a better campus for everyone so you, my fellow Gauchos, don’t have to.

As for Felicia’s stance on the issues, they are either irrelevant or even contradictory. Everyone should be for equality and a campus without discrimination. The environment? Yeah, I want a clean world, but I am not going to stop driving my car or force organic food on people. The IVFP? Felicia says it’s a terrible problem that they are getting Tasers, yet the Students’ Party supports their campaign. Make up your mind. True, your party has the most experience with the IVFP, but if you are against something, call them on it.

My party, commonly referred to by those who know us as the A.S. Holes, is supportive of balancing the budget and stopping special interest groups in the community. We want to stop the senseless wasting of the students’ money on causes that do not actually benefit the UCSB community. We don’t really care about saving the environment or trying to unite people; we just want UCSB to be a better and cheaper place for everyone to go to school. We will work hard and try to give you noticeable results the year we are in office, not in 10 years.

And if Felicia thinks her party is the only one open to the public, she should open her eyes because she has another thing coming to her. As the head of the A.S. Holes, I welcome any and all who wish to join up or even just support us. E-mail me personally at torrinbrooks@umail.ucsb.edu. I await your support, UCSB. Down with the Students’ Party, and let’s have some real change around here next year!

Torrin Brooks is a junior political science and business economics major.