Recent heavy rains have drowned the hopes of students anticipating the return of full train service, as all Amtrak and Metrolink routes north of Los Angeles have been closed since Sunday afternoon.

Amtrak spokeswoman Sara Swain said there will be no train service from L.A. to San Luis Obispo until Thursday, Feb. 24, due to washed out tracks and mudslides in Moorpark, which is in Ventura County – south of Santa Barbara. Since the Jan. 9 La Conchita mudslide halted train services for several days, Swain said, trains have been running on a modified schedule. Amtrak expects to restore full service to San Luis Obispo by Feb. 28.

Denise Tyrrell, Metrolink spokeswoman, said all tracks are currently closed above Moorpark, blocking train access to Camarillo, Oxnard and Montalvo. Tyrell said both Metrolink and Amtrak are using buses in Ventura County to transport customers to their destinations.

“We will be providing bus service for the next several days,” Tyrrell said. “We expect [to reopen in] two days … but if it took five days, it wouldn’t be a shock.”

Tyrrell said it was impossible to move trains over some areas of Ventura County because rain has completely eroded the foundations of some of the tracks.

“The fact is we can’t take trains up there because there’s a total washout,” Tyrrell said. “There are 150 feet of hanging tracks in the Somis area. All support has been washed away.”

Caltrans spokesman Colin Jones said that the rains have not seriously affected most major roads in the Santa Barbara area.

“None of the major routes in Santa Barbara are closed at this time – not [highways] 154 or 101,” Jones said. “We have crews out monitoring the situation, controlling and clearing debris, mud, trees down or anything else like that.”

The National Weather Service reported rainfall of a quarter of an inch per hour in Santa Barbara County on Tuesday, with flood watches through 6 a.m. tomorrow. According to the weather service website, the total amount of rain from Thursday, Feb. 17, to Wednesday, Feb. 23, is expected to range from six to 12 inches in coastal valleys and 15 to 22 inches in the mountains. The National Weather Service also reported that the worst of the rain was over as of Tuesday night, and the rest of the week’s weather will be partly cloudy.