Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to Henry Sarria’s column (“Frivolous Lawsuits Kill Old-Fashioned Playground Nostalgia,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 7).

While Mr. Sarria is correct for the most part, his partial defense of McDonalds is somewhat misguided. Before everyone attacks the coffee guy or any of the super-sized value meal processors suing Mc-D’s for contributing to their situations, please re-evaluate the situation. These are not money-grubbing individuals; they are freedom fighters, riding swiftly to the halls of justice on the backs of bald eagles. They are taking it to Mc-D’s not out of greed but out of revenge. In reality, McDonald’s is one of the most rampant perpetrators of frivolous lawsuits of any corporation in America. Good luck to the guy named Johnny Mc-anything, because there is no way you’ll get to name the family restaurant after, well, your family.

McDonald’s has a 24-hour task force whose duty it is to quash anything resembling the McDonald’s name. This is not limited to mid-level restaurants and stores, but actually garners fines, foreclosures, evocation, as well as the stripping of business licenses for those cheating Scottish mom and pop’s all around the world who had the gall to preface the name on their neon sign with a Mc.

Lesson: These frivolous lawsuits are not frivolous at all; indeed, they carry great significance and they are exactly the punch to the chin corporate bullies like McDonald’s need. These heroic people deserve medals. So sign your name, dot your I’s and jump aboard the nearest class action lawsuit. You owe it to yourself and your nation.