Tonight, patrons of Q’s bar downtown can party with a purpose at the “Benefit From the Beats,” where every penny the club makes will be donated to disaster relief efforts.

The fundraiser, which will begin at 8 p.m. at 409 State St., will include a DJ showcase competition at 10 p.m., featuring several local and out-of-town DJs. There will be a $10 minimum cover charge for the event, in the form of a donation that patrons can choose to send to either a La Conchita memorial fund or to Red Cross tsunami aid efforts. All bar sales from the night will be donated to the La Conchita memorial fund, which provides relief for families displaced by the devastating mudslide in early January.

Local promoter and UCSB graduate Brennan Titus, who organized the benefit, said his goal for the event is to contribute $10,000 to relief efforts.

“The La Conchita mudslide hit so close to home, and it’s such an amazing sight to see that we thought that it’s necessary to reach out and try to bring some college kids as well as a lot of the locals from around town together to rally up for a good cause,” Titus said.

Phat J, a DJ for local radio station KJEE 92.9 FM, also helped organize the event.

“With the tsunami disaster, and seeing how the community really pulled together and donated in record amounts, especially to the American Red Cross, I felt that as a radio broadcaster that I needed to do my part, and just donating to the cause wasn’t just enough,” he said. “Seeing how there are a lot of good DJs in this town, I wanted to get them all together to spin for a good cause.”

Titus said 10 to 12 DJs, hailing primarily from downtown bars and clubs, will participate in the competition. Three guest judges will determine the final three contestants, and after another round of competition the crowd will pick the final winner.

The fundraiser is sponsored by a number of local businesses, including Bill’s Bus, which will run for free tonight on its usual route, and Rockstar Taxi, which will be offering special rates for people traveling to and from the benefit.

The benefit’s donors also include Absolut Vodka, Firestone Walker Brewing Co., Rockstar energy drink, Bacardi, Chad’s Restaurant, Pony Shoes and KJEE.

KJEE donated radio airtime to publicize the benefit.

“Get out there and donate money, because there are a lot of people that can benefit from it,” Phat J said.